Van Honsebrouck - Kasteel Triple

Van Honsebrouck - Kasteel Triple

van Honsebrouck

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Kasteel Tripel is a West Flemish tripel through and through, enriched with Belgian hops. Brewery CEO Xavier Van Honsebrouck firmly states that this Tripel is as solid as a castle, and lets be fair, there are few Tripels that achieve such a high alcohol content.

This beer was launched a few years after Kasteel Donker, which makes it the second oldest member of the Kasteel family.

The outstanding mixture of noble malts and hops lend this tripel an exquisite aroma and a particularly mild taste.

Originally this beer was called Kasteel Blond, until the brewery chose to produce a new blond variety with a lower alcohol volume. This was then named Kasteel Blond whereas the original brew was re-baptised Kasteel Tripel, The Kasteel Tripel also serves as the basic beer for the first Tripel matured in brandy barrels.

ABV: 11%