Van Honsebrouck - Kasteel Blonde 7

Van Honsebrouck - Kasteel Blonde 7

van Honsebrouck

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Kasteel Blond is a real thirst quencher. A refreshing, characteristic blond Belgian beer with a 'relatively' low alcohol content, especially in comparison with the average alcohol content of some of the other beers in the Kasteel range.

Also bearing in mind that with its Trignac the brewery counts a 12% ABV heavyweight among its ranks.

The brewer, Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck, promote Kasteel Blond as an easily digestible beer, crystal clear down to the last drop. This beer is by no means extreme, which makes it accessible and appealing to a wide public of beer consumers, Originally, Kasteelbier Blond was a beer of 11% ABV. When, some years ago, the brewery changed its name and style from Kasteelbier to KasteeL the original Blond became the current Tripel, Kasteelbier Blond was then introduced as another addition to the renewed range.

ABV: 7.0%