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North X Ren Min - Triple Fruited Gose

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The second part of North's collaborations with a place that is very dear to them, Ren Min! Ren Min is an awesome set of bars serving the freshest and best craft beer in Singapore! They really know their stuff when it comes to beer, so when it came to the brew, they had a lot of ideas!
 You know the drill, their signature thick, slick and salty gose recipe made up of big doses of oats, ale malt, salt and a sprinkle of lactose is infused with ALL of the organic fruit puree!
 Ren Min had a few ideas about what fruits to put in a Triple Fruited Gose, but one question stood out when we were discussing the recipe…why have we never put Rhubarb in a TFG!? So here we are! Rhubarb takes the stage with its indistinguishable drying tartness and crisp green apple, green grape flavour. Moving through comes Blackberry with another hit of drying tartness but with a back note of sweetness and complimentary earthy bitterness and finishing comes a zip of juicy and umptious floral raspberry. You can’t write about this beer without mentioning THAT COLOUR!

ABV: 4.5%
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