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Nevel - Minne

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Minne was made with tiny quince apples from the food forest. Quince symbolises love and friendship, cherishing something or somebody, opening your heart to life. Picking the apples requires dedication, because they cling to their branches like there’s no tomorrow, amid long sharp thorns. All you can do is approach them with care and respect, like you would a loved one. Minne first came into being when Wouter of foodforest Ketelbroek kindly donated his entire harvest from a bad apple year, two tote bags full, just enough to create this beautiful beer. The next year saw more apples and luckily more Minne.

Minne is a rich and herbal wild blonde ale with light malty notes and elegant peppery notes. You can taste the Japanese flowering quince in hints of citrus and apple, while the finish offers a fruity bitterness from the fresh hops of Nevels local hop grower.

ABV: 5.4%
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