Mondo Brewing - Lightworks

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The latest in a series of seasonal beers which Mondo like to call their ‘house IPA’, otherwise known as a Mountain IPA. Not West Coast, not East Coast, but somewhere in the middle. Expect a mellow bittering hit from fruity Hüll Melon hops, then all the aroma from classic American hops on the cold side. It’s a hoppy IPA with a grown up ABV, perfectly balanced, with a light haze. Named after the J Dilla track and a loose tribute to the recently passed MF DOOM. Light up the skies, the name of the game is light works. Extra Pale Ale malt provides the base, Wheat, Oats and Vienna added for body and flavour. Hüll Melon hops for bittering. Cascade, Mosaic and Simcoe in the cool pool and dry hop addition. Fermented with a blend of American and English Ale yeast strains

ABV: 6.0%
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