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Moersleutel - Can You Pass Me The Needle Nose Pliers

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Moersleutel are engineers that work smart. But also very - very hard. Day in, day out. Striving to create the most memorable beers ever. And what do they do when hard work is faced? Treat themselves! How lucky they are to be able to make their own treat: beer. And because they want to appreciate all you working-class heroes, they thought they'd share it with you. So you can treat yourself too.

This treat is bold, like you. It's extreme, like your work. A TIPA is what they call it in the boardroom, but they see its true complexity which is way more than 4 letters. This Triple Indian Pale Ale has a generous 10% ABV, packed with an intense creamy mouthfeel due to careful yeast selection and a layered bed of different grains. During hot-side the engineers used a mix of Cascade and Chinook hops to create a foundation aroma and flavour of oranges and resin notes. Moving on to the first dry hop, they used the delicate Enigma, with mandarin notes and Talus carrying the rose and floral notes. To cross the finishing line they finally saved Sabro in Cryo format to pack all the tropical and paradisiac island vibes to this beer.

This may sound like a lot of hops, and you're right, it is! It is in fact a whopping 30 grams per litre. This is how nicely the engineers treat themselves and their fans. So cheers to all of you out there, you deserve it!

ABV: 9.0%


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