Hitachino Nest White Ale

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A light, golden white ale that delivers a complex yet easy-to-drink flavour.Nestled among the natural environment of Ibaraki Prefecture, Kiuchi Brewery has been known for developing fine alcohol since 1823 with its crisp and rich sake rice wine forming the founding ethos for its award winning range of Belgian-style beer, including this refreshing white ale. With a small and soothing head, this beer quickly invites you into its richly-spiced aroma, hints of coriander, nutmeg and orange displaying a traditional Belgian essence that is enhanced by Kiuchi's carefully developed local produce, for an evolved sweet and spicy taste that softly tantalises your tastebuds. Despite its complexity, the drink delivers a balanced smooth fizz throughout, flowing with a caramel-malt sweetness that is contrasted by zesty citrus to give a constantly satisfying, warm yet light flavour. Lots of bold ingredients that are gentle enough to enjoy, mean this beer is sure to please wheat and craft beer lovers alike.  .

ABV: 5.5%
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