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Hertl - 6 Fauste Fur Ein Halleluja

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When several master brewers gather around the kettle to pursue their passion together, something great usually happens! This is what happened with 6 Fäuste for a Hallelujah - a strong Imperial Stout Eisbock with an incredible 14.0% vol. Alcohol content! For this strong beer specialty, the brewers from the Hertl brewery, the Freigeist Bierkultur and good old Georg von Schorschbräu have teamed up. A real German joint brew from three excellent craft breweries. The result is this quick-witted ice buck, jet black as the soul of three wanted crooks! The 6 fists for a Hallelujah is covered by a beige head of foam. It smells of roasted malt, black coffee and a little vanilla. The stout runs oily down your throat and reveals aromas of tart chocolate, lots of roasted malt. Very intense and easy to enjoy despite the high alcohol content.
ABV: 14%
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