Harviestoun - Ola Dubh

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Ola Dubh, meaning ‘Black Oil’ in Gaelic, is craftly created by taking our Old Engine Oil and maturing it in Highland Park whisky casks. The process is far from simple, but the result is a beautiful brew with complimentary whisky notes and a chocolate, roasty and bittersweet aftertaste. All thanks to the labour of love of our master brewers.

Brewer’s Notes: Ola Dubh is a labour of love. Everything about it is extreme. The brew team fill the mash tuns to the brim with roast barley, pinhead oats and malted barley. It ferments more slowly as the the yeast struggles to move around in such a viscous beer! They put this Old Engine Oil into Highland Park Whisky barrels and it stays there for at least 6 months. During this time the flavours from the wood enter the beers to produce Ola Dubh. It is ready only when our Master Brewer, Stuart, deems it ready!


ABV: 8.0%
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