Fathers Day - Bradfield

Fathers Day - Bradfield


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This Gift pack Incudes The Following,

Farmers Stout: A dark enriched black and white stout balanced by ploughing through roasted malts and flaked oats with a slightly subtle but bitter hop character, 4.5%

Farmers Blonde: Currently a top seller, this very pale, brilliant blonde beer has citrus and summer fruit aromas making it an extremely refreshing ale, 4.0%

Farmers Pale: A distinctive fruity pale ale, well balanced with a powerful floral bouquet, full-bodied and a predominantly dry aftertaste 5.0%

Brown Cow: A rich deep chestnut coloured ale with a beautifully smooth creamy head. A citrus aftertaste gives way to a long dry finish 4.2%

Sixer: A light straw coloured lager type ale, with a fruity taste giving a pleasant refreshing finish 6.0%

Yorkshire Farmer: A gold coloured beer, light on the palate with a smooth bitter finish, 4.0%

The bottles are presented in a 6 bottle gift box