Vixen Pear Cider 355ml

Vixen Pear Cider 355ml


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Vixin cidre is the product of years of labour, travel, research and testing undertaken to create the perfect cider: fresh, crisp, natural and a delight to drink. Vixin’s mission for a great cider started after they moved from London to New York and found themselves missing the ciders so commonly available in the UK.So off they went, traveling all over the UK, France, Belgium and the US for five years , tasting all the different ciders available. Finally, they discovered the perfect French blend in a small cafe in Paris fermented using a unique yeast from 1789.The secret recipe had been passed on by generations of monks to create a delightful, sparkling, refreshing blend with a strong apple base and a glorious smell that transports you to an apple orchard in Normandy.

Vixin pear cidre – Delicious pear cider with a delicate flavor, fresh pear aroma and a sophisticated finish.

STYLE: Perry
ABV: 4.5%