Cantillion - Kriek

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Cantillion's sour cherries, certified organic, come from Turkey. The fruits are assembled with a Lambic 20 months old on average, at a rate of 200g of fruit per litre. The Morello cherry being a powerful fruit, they will have to choose a Lambic with enough character to harmonize with the fruit. After a two to three month maceration, the Lambic will have extracted colours, aromas and flavour's from the sour cherries. It will then be blended with a one-year-old Lambic, which will provide the sugars necessary for the second fermentation in the bottle. They work exclusively with fresh fruit and as with wine, Cantillon beers can speak of a vintage effect. The weather plays a major role in the maturity and quality of the fruit, which is why a fruit beer will be slightly different from year to year

ABV: 6.0%
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