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Boon - Oude Geuze

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Oude Geuze Boon  is undoubtedly one of our brewery's best-known beers. We have been making this traditional, unsweetened and unfiltered Oude Geuze  since 1975 . The recipe dates from the 19th century and was passed on to our founder Frank Boon by René de Vits, the geuze maker who passed on his craft to Frank.

Oude Geuze Boon is particularly popular for its tender taste with soft acids. His secret? It all starts with lambic beer – a beer of spontaneous fermentation – which is brewed from 60% malt and 40% wheat and old hops. In our refrigerated vessel, it is exposed to the wild yeasts from the surrounding air and then matures for 100% in  oak barrels.

To arrive at the Oude Geuze Boon, we make an  assembly  of lambic that has matured for 1, 2 and 3 years. It is bottled and is then given months  of refermentation and maturation in the bottle† This creates extra complex flavors, with a rich sparkle that allows for a nice foam head when poured. It is also thanks to the refermentation in the bottle that the lambic assembly becomes an 'Oude Geuze'.


The  years on the neck label  refer to the  brewing season  (vintage) in which the lambic that is most present in the assembly of a bottle of Oude Geuze Boon was brewed. That brewing season takes place when it gets colder,  between October and April , and thus spans 2 different years.


Oude Geuze Boon tastes nice and tender, thanks to its typically soft and round texture. You discover a  very fresh, more fruity than spicy nose , and notes of citrus (more specifically grapefruit), apricot and oak. You will also fully enjoy its  complex, balanced character  with notes of wood, vanilla and nuts. The finish is long, dry and intense.

ABV: 7.0%
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