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In an attempt to reduce our plastic waste we serve our drinks outside in re-usable containers which we ask you to return at the end of your visit, or for £2.00 you can keep them as a memento of your visit and any profit made from them will be donated to environmental charities.

Tap 1: Schofferhoffer- Grapefruit 2.5%

The world's first grapefruit wheat beer, a true 50/50 blend of Schofferhofer Hefeweizen with pure grapefruit juice.

1/3 Pt: £1.06 1/2 Pt: £1.60 Pt: £3.20

Tap 2: Timmermans- Cherry 4%

From the cherry trees transient flowers, its fruits ripen round, red and packed with sunshine. Timmermans Kriek is brewed by adding natural juice to lambic beer, a blend that is then fermented in oak barrels. After which it is bottled. Timmermans Kriek blends its famed lambic with this sweetness for a beer that can quench any thirst. Its natural freshness will make you blush for joy.

1/3 Pt: £1.81 1/2pt: £2.701Pt: £5.40

Tap 3: Flensburger- Pilsener 4.8%

A Pilsener beer for the masses and this one doesn’t disappoint. Fresh from Germany’s most northern brewery, the pleasing aroma of this lager is that of grain and malts. The flavour is mildly bitter with a crisp hoppy taste on the palate. An easy drinking beer, a full bodied pilsener guaranteed to satisfy.

1/3pt: £1.34 1/2pt: £2.00 1Pt: £4.00

Tap 4: The Kernel- Pale Ale 5.1%
A hop-forward pale ale.

 1/3pt: £2.01 1/2pt: £3.00 1Pt: £6.00

Tap 5: Beerbliotek X Six North- Better Late Than Never 6.8%
Travelling to different countries & making new friends is how it all started with Six°North.. This collab is a New England IPA with big hits like Citra & Ekuanot.


1/3pt: £2.46 1/2pt: £3.66 1Pt: £7.32

Tap 6: Brew York- Hoperator Error 7.2%
Wait, why is there no Citra in my NEIPA? And where’s the Galaxy or Mosaic? This is what happens when you let the brewers just pick what they want from the hop store!Hoperator Error is hazy with a slight orange tinge, very low bitterness and soft full mouthfeel. Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial combine to give lots of citrus character complimented by tropical fruits and a spicy/piney finish. But yeah, oops, sorry no Citra this time. #sorrynotsorry
1/3pt: £2.42 1/2pt: £3.60  1Pt: £7.20 
Tap 7: Wiper & True- Milkshake Milk Stout 5.6%

A rich, smooth and always delicious beer that will delight even the most sceptical about dark beers. This 5.6% Milk Stout, is brewed with sugar from cow’s milk to give the beer a sweet, creamy tone. The beer combines copious chocolate malts laced with vanilla and cacao to create a luxurious, milkshake-rich and satisfyingly dark beer.

1/3pt:£2.05 1/2pt: £3.06 1Pt: £6.12


Tap 8: Abbeydale- Methuselah 10.5%

An absolute powerhouse of a brew, lovingly and carefully crafted, released in celebration of Abbeydale's 25th anniversary! Chocolate, oats and biscuit malts are layered up with sumptuous molasses for a deep, dark and delicious imperial stout which has spent nine months in barrel to enhance and round out the complexities found within this very special beer.

 1/3pt: £3.86 1/2pt: £5.76 1Pt: £11.52

Tap 9: Disruption is Brewing- Chaos More Chaos 5%
Chaos has evolved. Disruption's classic session IPA is now a juicy, haze bomb NEPA. Now with MORE hops, MORE flavour, MORE juice, MORE Chaos! Hop shot combinations of Mosaic, Citra and Nelson Sauvin unleash intense tropical, mango and blueberry aromas. Prepare those taste buds for a super smooth, full-bodied, damn right crushable NEPA that delivers an exotic fruit punch bowl extravaganza with every sip, slurp, and swig.
1/3pt: £2.01 1/2pt: 3.00 1Pt: £6.00
Tap 10: Abbeydale- Heathen 4.1%
Gluten free.
Wonderfully refreshing American Pale Ale; Mosaic hops bursting with tropical fruit flavours & a pleasant citrus bitterness. Dry hopped with even more Mosaic for good measure!
1/3pt: £1.64 1/2pt: £2.45 1Pt: £4.90
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