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In an attempt to reduce our plastic waste we serve our drinks outside in re-usable containers which we ask you to return at the end of your visit, or for £2.00 you can keep them as a memento of your visit and any profit made from them will be donated to environmental charities.

We know table service can be irritating but in busier times it may take us more than 30 seconds to get to you. Please be patient, get our attention by waving at us or put your flag up on the table, then sit back enjoy your surroundings. Relax and pretend you are in one of those fancy bars that you frequent when you are on holiday! We will get your drink out to you as fast as it is humanly possible. Thank you.

Tap 1: Schofferhoffer Grapefruit 2.5%

The world's first grapefruit wheat beer, a true 50/50 blend of Schofferhofer Hefeweizen with pure grapefruit juice.

1/3 Pt: £1.06 1/2 Pt: £1.60 Pt: £3.20

Tap 2: Timmermans Kriek 4.0%

Refreshing Belgian Cherry Lambic Beer from Timmermans Brewery of Brussels. This beer has a delicate, fino sherry acidity, before the emergence of the cherry flavours and and almond like dryness on the clean, refreshing finish.

1/3 Pt: £1.80 1/2pt: £2.70 1Pt: £5.40

Tap 3: Flensburger Pilsener 4.8%

A Pilsener beer for the masses and this one doesn’t disappoint. Fresh from Germany’s most northern brewery, the pleasing aroma of this lager is that of grain and malts. The flavour is mildly bitter with a crisp hoppy taste on the palate. An easy drinking beer, a full bodied pilsener guaranteed to satisfy.

1/3pt: £1.34 1/2pt: £2.00 1Pt: £4.00

Tap 4: All In Brewing- DDH Session IPA 4.5%
A Session NEIPA with Citra, Eukanot and Columbus.

1/3pt: £2.58 1/2pt: £3.85 1Pt: £7.70
Tap 5: Mikkeller - Henry Hops - 4%
Henry Hops is a fresh easy drinking pale ale. Crisp, bright grassy aromas with stone fruit flavour and a quenching bitterness. This is a beer designed to fuel a long catch up with friends and family. A snappy light malt base hopped with Simcoe and Columbus.

1/3pt: £1.67 1/2pt: £2.50 1Pt: £5.00
Tap 6: Wilde Child - Absolute Impeachment 5.0%
The Wilde Child crew have dumped a tonne of natural peach flavouring and dry hopped with a load of Calypso hops for that ‘amped up’ stone fruit vibe. Don’t forget the 40kg of lactose for that super creamy mouthfeel which will be sure to keep that ‘summer feeling’ carrying on throughout the year. Think peach melba yoghurt in a can

1/3pt: £1.84 1/2pt: £2.76 1Pt: £5.52

Tap 7: Brew York - Honey I Shrunk the Impys 5.4%

Brew York are known for their big complex and indulgent stouts with huge fruit, spice and sugar additions. Once in a while it’s nice to keep things a little simpler so ‘Honey we’ve shrunk the Impys!’. They've taken all their big stout knowledge and put it into this easier drinking stout with just the one tiny 100kg addition of honeycomb for added depth and sweetness.

......This is a dark beer......

1/3pt: £1.90 1/2pt: £2.851Pt: £5.70


Tap 8: Neon Raptor - Fake Hands Pecan and Chocolate Porter 8.0%

Fake Hands - Pecan and Chocolate Porter - Neon Raptor asked their amazing neighbours, Luisa's Vegan Chocolate, for cacao nibs for this vegan porter and they also roasted them some real pecans! It's nutty, roasty, and chocolatey made with pecans not fake hands.

1/3pt: £2.17 1/2pt: £3.25 1Pt: £6.50

Tap 9: Beavertown- Neck Oil 4.3%

Beavertown's any day, any time, easy drinking, go to IPA. This started life as a home-brew. We wanted to create a light, crisp, punchy, go to beer! A beer that you know you can pick up and appreciate or simply kick back, relax and oil your neck with (the name Neck Oil comes from their founder, Logan, fondly remembering his Grandad stating that he was off down the pub for a pint of neck oil). Extra pale base malts are used to keep it crisp and give the hops a great platform to dance on. Masses of hop additions during the whirlpool and a huge dose of dry hops make this a brilliantly easy IPA.

1/3pt: £1.71 1/2pt: 2.55 1Pt: £5.10
Tap 10: Abbeydale - Heathen 4.1%
Wonderfully refreshing session beer; Mosaic hops bursting with tropical fruit flavours & a pleasant citrus bitterness.
Gluten free.
1/3pt: £1.64 1/2pt: £2.45 1Pt: £4.90
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