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Fruit Beer

Fruit beer is beer made with fruit added as a flavouring. Lambics, beers originating in the valley of the Zenne (in an around Brussels) Belgium, though copied by brewers in other parts of the world, may be re fermented with cherries to make kriek, or fermented with raspberries to make framboise.

All kind of Lambic beers, top fermentation beers such as Belgian Golden Ales, Belgian Ambers and Flemish Old Bruin beers usually go through a multiple stage fermentation process. After the first fermentation of the wort, sugar is added and the beer is refermented, on wooden casks. To make fruit beer the fruit, fruit juice or fruit syrup is added (instead of sugar) to the first brew and refermented, these may be termed fruit lambics or fruit beers, depending on the type of first brew. 

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