Thornbridge & Brooklyn ‘Saison’ Serpent Collaberation 18/06/2016 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Maison Du Biere in Elsecar, Barnsley is proud to stock the unique collaboration between the Thornbridge Brewery in Bakewell and the Brooklyn Brewery in New York.

A Four Roses bourbon barrel aged collaboration with The Brooklyn Brewery, which is certainly unique and wont be coming around again time soon.

Serpent is the first beer of its kind, initially a secret collaboration between both Breweries across the pond. It’s also one of the coolest things either brewery has ever done since their last brew collaboration 10 years ago. ‘Oliver’s Cider’ in Hereford were sought out, seeking their lees, (which are the natural wild yeasts that ferment their apples into great traditional ciders). A robust, strong Belgian-inspired golden ale was brewed at the Thornbridge Brewery and the lees were added into the Four Rose Bourbon Barrels and aged the beer for more than a year. The beer was then bottle conditioned as normal.

The resulting beer ‘Serpent’ emerges as a dry, tart, firm, fine and funky beer, described as a full expression of our friendship, great British brewing, American boldness, and Hertfordshire countryside. Anyhow, Maison Du Biere have popped the cork on one of these amazing beers. Here’s what we found…..

Upon de-corking the beer, the aroma has a apple citrus funk going on with hints of marzipan. The pour is hazy orange, almost a bit like orange-ade, initially very lively and violent like a typical Belgian ale, with some great initial head generation. The taste is of sharp citrus, full bodied, sparkly and has a great mouth-feel. Perhaps a suggestion of vanilla creeps through? The beer rolls around in your stomach like an excellent sparkling champagne. A very pleasant experience indeed. The alcohol is well hidden and not boozy at all.

We only have a few bottles of this limited edition beer left in store, so pop in and grab one while you still can!



Brooklyn Thornbridge Serpent Saison