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Jopen – NorthSea India Pale Ale

Jopen Northsea IPA (aka Mooie Nel) is an IPA containing plenty of American hops, which creates bitterness with lots of fruity tones. Back when long journeys by sea were the norm, IPA was brewed to be extra-strong, and extra hops was added so that it could be drunk in the colonies. In the 17th century The Netherlands produced its own version of IPA, or ‘duraebel scheepsbier (long-life ship’s beer)’, for the Dutch East Indies.

IPA has returned to Europe thanks to the American Craft Revolution. It is the fastest growing style of beer in the USA. Jopen Northsea IPA is our Dutch take on the modern IPA; Every swig of this beer is a pleasure.

Scored 93 on Ratebeer

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Straffe Hendrik Brugs – Quadrupel 750ml

Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel is a rich and intense dark Quadrupel Belgian ale. It is brewed with a subtle blend of specialty malts, which give the ale an extremely dark color and a chewy, malty complex character. The quadruple combines a clean dryness with a warm full bodied mouth feel and essences of fruit. Secondary fermentation in the bottle creates a living ale that can be aged and will have an evolution of taste profiles over time.

Scored 99 on Ratebeer

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